Hartadinata Harianto

The museum indonesia ' s record world record ( MURI ) as education, motivator youngest hartadinata harianto back to indonesia to devote themselves build fatherland beloved. Property pledged to invited provide motivation and discussed with the younger generation of the nation. This genius teenage hope through works in international world capable of being aroused the spirit and confidence in the younger generation indonesia to better. He convinced, with achievements created the younger generation, then Indonesia will become an advanced country in the future. Indonesia is able to create works that are excellent and capable of bearing the name of Indonesia in the internationally. They could well better than mine. I am eager to help them to boost your confidence as a generation of the nation's top achievers” firmly Hartadinata.

Here's full profile Hartadinata Harianto :

Full Name                       : Hartadinata Harianto

Born                                   : Sydney, 21 April 1994


Stony Brook University (Presidential Scholarship)                                                                  2012 - Present

Bard High School Early College Queens Year Two GPA: 4.0 32 credits                                 2011

Bard High School Early College Queens Year One GPA: 3.95 30 credits                               2010

Bard High School Early College Queens High School Program GPA: NR                               2008 - 2010     

William H. Carr JHS 194 (Honors)                                                                                               2006 - 2008

P.S. 129 Patricia Larkin                                                                                                                  2002 - 2006

Bukit View Primary School                                                                                                            2002

Sekolah Ciputra                                                                                                                               1998 - 2002



Math Academic Excellence (2006)

National Top 2% ELA Examination (2008)

Academic Gold Honor Roll (2007)

Academic Gold Honor Roll (2008)

Academic Excellence for Mathematics (2008)

President’s Education Awards Program (President George W Bush ) ( 2008 )

Ambassador’s Awards for Excellence Program (Duta Besar RI untuk USA Bapak Dino Patti Djalal ) (2011)

Museum Rekor Dunia-Indonesia (MURI) sebagai Motivator Pendidikan Termuda Usia 17 Tahun (2012)

Museum Rekor Dunia-Indonesia (MURI) sebagai Orang Indonesia Ber-GPA 4.0 di Bard High School Early College (BHSEC), New York (2012)



Perbakin (2011)

United State Practical Shooting Association (2011)     

Student Ambassador Team Leader (2008-Present)      

BHSEC Mentoring Program Founding Member (2009-Present)      

Learning Center Representative Founding Member (2010-Present)      

Football/Wrestling Intramural League (2008-Present)       

NYU Joint Disease Operation Room Intern (2010)

Director of Marketing Team (2007-2010)

Ping Pong and Chess Club (2009-2010)



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